How to Achieve that Modern Hotel Aesthetic

How to Achieve that Modern Hotel Aesthetic

One of the most excellent ideas about modern hotel aesthetics is the opportunity for upgrades. An old design can be upgraded to make your hotel more appealing and comfortable. In recent times, innovation has played significant roles in enhancing personalised experiences. Hotel owners are embracing social changes that shape up today’s hospitality designs. Here are ways of achieving new concepts in this industry.

Simplicity is Key

The principle of simple designs is a critical element in hotel aesthetics. There’s no perfect way of using essential elements like colours, and architecture because of individual preferences. However, important interior design trends might be an addition of different pops of colours, furniture or decors. A simple pattern of repeated shapes or light fixtures will never go unnoticed. Old vases, wall marbles, furniture, and railings in the hotel can be transformed with modern designs. Generally, the use of decorations is critical in offsetting a large cluttered space.

Use 21st Century Designs

Asymmetrical designs in a hotel’s reception might be easy to maintain, but they often lack modern touches. Hotel owners can upgrade these features with 21th-century decorative styles. Usually, the reception is the first open space in the interior of every hotel. In Asia, most indigenous hotels use designs that reflect their heritage. However, there are raw natural materials that create eclectic appeals in this modern age. These modern designs could spark up interiors, and draw attention to a remodelled hotel.

Glass Paneling

The glass is a material that is used as contemporary and modern designs. When this fragile piece of material is used for partitioning, it gives the interior a sleek appearance. Usually, glass panelling is more eye-catching when there’s plenty of light. Also, glass is demountable; they can be used for reflective flooring, in lobbies, and as room dividers. When the need arises for interior design changes, they can be dismantled safely.

Spa-Like Bathroom for Guest Rooms

Hotel owners can use spa-like baths to complete the aesthetic of guest rooms. It’s a modern idea for hotels rooms with little space. Usually, it’s the features and services that determine the rental cost of hotel rooms. A modern tourist will feel relaxed with spa-like features like waterfall showers and grooming tools in the bathroom. However, hospitality service providers can install over-sized bathtubs in en-suite bedrooms with large and empty bathrooms. It’s a surefire hospitality strategy of alluring guests to an ephemeral luxury.

Promote Eco-friendliness

Installing green features is a sustainable way of enhancing the health status of hotel guests. The sight of eco-friendly fixtures can help them enjoy the natural scenery of the hotel. Naturally, guest rooms with over-sized windows allow for natural lighting and utilisation of vitamins in the early sunrise. The hotel management can outsource beautification projects to florists. These plant experts can install green walls and roofs that are eco-friendly. Also, hotel guests can be rewarded through loyalty programs that ensure the use of recycling bins. Wastewater can be treated and used to water garden plants and flower pots on the balcony of every room.

Use Wireless Technology

It’s an eyesore to walk into a guest room or hotel lobby and see an overload of cable networks. This wireless could aggravate threat levels when there’s an outbreak of fire. However, digital technology has gone wireless, and it’s a smart way to go in the 21st century. When you check-in at the receptionist desk of modern hotels, you’ll find PC tablets and other hi-tech gadgets. This trend is a great business approach that encourages work-flow and customer service. Also, the use of wireless technology in new hotels can regulate window blinds, lighting, entertainment, and air conditioning gadgets. Technology-friendly hotels can save time, enhances comfort, and bring more profit for hotel owners.


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